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tips for online slots

These are some of the tips for winning at popular online slot machines.

Keep playing even if the slot doesn’t pay out right away

Slot machines have an accumulation cycle after which they release winnings.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know when the slot will release winnings because these occur randomly.

However, on average online slots have a Return To Player (RTP) of 95 percent.

So sooner or later the slot you are playing with will have to release winnings to you.

After a win, keep playing the same slot.

It is said to be a good idea to keep playing a few more bets with the same slot machine even after a good win.

Sometimes it happens that the slot will both keep releasing winnings.

It happened for example in these cases:

  • 120,000 for a young 83-year-old woman on Hey Sushi.
  • Won €200,586 on the slot Extra Chilli in Celano.

Particularly in this last case of the Extra Chilli slot win we also know what was the amount of the bets.

The winnings were made with 3 bets of €2,000, €1,250 and €2,000 respectively as told in the article linked above.

Of course, it is not certain that by playing these amounts or continuing to play after a win you can win again.

However, there are many stories on the web of large winnings accumulated by adding up multiple winnings that happened in a short period of time. Hardly, however, will you be able to win huge amounts of money with just one play except in progressive jackpot slots.

Don’t play jackpot slot machines if they have recently dispensed jackpot money

recently dispensed jackpot money

Progressive jackpot slot machines are designed to release the jackpot payout randomly but are unlikely to release 2 jackpots in a short time.

Some jackpot slots even go as far as accumulating million-dollar jackpots as in the case of Mega Moolah which released the record jackpot of €17,879,645.12.

In general, many slots of this type reach jackpots that exceed €100,000 so it is better not to choose those that have jackpots lower than this figure.

Playing during peak times

Most of the gambling in casinos happens during the dead or relaxing moments when people spend their time just playing.

These moments are mainly:

  • after lunch
  • late afternoon after work
  • evening after dinner

At these times most and of the gambling is concentrated and it is more likely that someone will hit, for example, the jackpot of a jackpot slot machine.

Play responsibly and with common sense

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to play according to your financial ability and never overdo it.

You must see playing slot machines only as a pastime and not as a way to make money.

Check the payout percentages

These values are called in different ways:

  • Return To Players (in English = Return To Players or RTP)
  • Payout
  • Payout Percentages

They still indicate the same thing i.e. what is in percentage the amount that will return to the player’s pocket.

Every month we update the payout percentages of the casino games we have reviewed.

You can find, for example on the following pages under Games and Winning Odds:

  • 888 casino
  • Betway
  • LeoVegas

These values are present by law in all casinos and you can check them before playing.

In addition, it is one of the values we enter when testing slot machines. You can find our tests on slot machine games.

You may have noticed that most online slot machines have an RTP value of 95%.

In contrast, in bar slot machines, this value is 70%.

If I had known this a few years ago, I would never have played in a bar slot machine.

Tricks for playing slots online for free

Tricks for playing slots

There is actually no trick to playing slots online for free. Many online casinos allow you to play for free to test the games, and sometimes registration is not even required.

However, the only purpose of playing for free is to try the slot machine because it is only by playing with real money that you get real winnings.

Even when playing with no deposit freespin bonuses offered by casinos you do not get real winnings.

Yes it is true you are playing for free but, any winnings will be in the form of Fun Bonus and not real money.

That can still be a big advantage.

But still don’t expect real winnings by playing for free.

Bar slot machine tricks.

There are also some specific tricks for bar slot machines. They are more or less effective and more or less legal.

Two-euro trick and the noise of bar slots

Bar slot machines have inside them two receptacles in which coins are accumulated.

It is said that the slot machine will begin to release winnings after both of these receptacles are filled with coins.

To tell if the slot has the two receptacles full, experts in this trick listen for the sound when the coin enters the slot and falls into the receptacle.

If the sound is high-pitched, the receptacles are empty while if the sound is lower, the receptacles are probably full and the slot may be ready to release winnings.

In the latter case, players insert 2 €1 coins into the slot machine together.

According to legend, the slot should release winnings but we prefer not to investigate.

Minnow trick

The minnow trick is absolutely illegal and often some players are arrested just for trying to implement this method.

It consists of inserting a fake coin tied to a wire inside the slot.

Thanks to the wire, the coin is pulled out and used over and over again.

As mentioned above, this method is illegal and one risks being arrested.

One of the most egregious arrests occurred in Riccione where 3 men were arrested after playing for 7 hours with a slot machine using this very trick.

Carabinieri arrested them and found 1,800 euros of change in the car as well as the famous minnow. Checking the surveillance cameras of the slot room later confirmed everything.

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