Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Baccarat


Tricks for Baccarat

Now we come to the exciting part: it’s about Baccarat strategy, it’s about tricks and using Baccarat rules to your own advantage.

Edge Sorting

The most famous example of edge sorting comes from the famous poker player Phil Ivey, who used this technique in a US casino. In doing so, he discovered teeny tiny clues on the playing cards and sometimes even indirectly encouraged the dealers to edit the playing cards accordingly.

It was a multi-million dollar case that ultimately ended up in court. Ivey ended up having to give back his winnings.

Card Counting

Card Counting

Another trick is card counting, although it is sometimes mentioned in the same breath as the above technique. The idea here is to remember as accurately as possible how many high or low cards have already been turned over (and are therefore out of the game).

For example, if many high cards are already out of the game, but only a few low cards, then the probability shifts a bit for the remaining cards. With the right mathematical understanding, you can use these small imbalances to your advantage. However, both the dealer and the player are affected equally, so the benefit is very limited.


Another popular option is to use certain betting patterns, which are also popular in roulette. In Baccarat, for example, you can use the 1326 system or the Martingale betting strategy.

This usually works well for a while. But these strategies also come with a risk in Baccarat (online as well as in the casino). At some point, the series breaks, and then you take a painful loss. The house advantage of the casino cannot be reversed in this way.



Instead, we offer some well-intentioned advice. Don’t take it too seriously, it’s a game. Baccarat is supposed to be fun. Of course it’s great to win money, but you can always lose.

You should always set a budget before playing and then not overplay this budget. You should adjust the stakes per round to the budget. Gambling is only fun if a possible loss does not hurt too much. This also includes the area of responsible gambling.


Whether you call the game baccarat or baccarat is ultimately irrelevant. It’s all about the fun of the game and trying out strategies. The game itself is very easy to learn and there is not much you can do wrong. Especially in mini-baccarat, which is played nowadays, there is no need to be shy, even if you are a novice.

Although it is considered an old-fashioned game, you can play Baccarat online. There are quite a few online casinos with baccarat that you can enjoy with real dealers and card games. You can find the best baccarat casinos in the list at the top of this article.

Other live dealer games at the casino

You can also play other live dealer games like roulette and blackjack for real money at these live casinos. A little further up we explain how you can even redeem a bonus to play there.

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