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Online Roulette

You like the kettle game but still have reservations about playing roulette online? You think that the ball belongs in the casino and should be surrounded by smartly dressed people? And you think that roulette games in online casinos are no good and even unserious?

These were/are objections and concerns that can hardly be dismissed out of hand. At the same time, a whole world has changed in online roulette in the last 10, 20 years. And the fact is: roulette with live dealers now takes place online as a matter of course (also).

We explain how the ball rolls at online providers, what you can win, what dangers there are and how you can use a few useful tricks.

Playing roulette online: The big difference

Playing roulette online

For many players, the big casino game on the Internet is still uncharted territory. Yet live dealer casinos with their table games such as blackjack and roulette have been around on the net for a good 15 years.

If you want to play roulette online instead of always running to the casino, you can do so with us.  We make our readers fit for online roulette with this analysis.

Casino vs Online Live Casino

If we make a brief overview of some points, then:

  • we play roulette in the casino and in the online casino with real croupiers and turntables.
  • we have direct eye contact with the croupier and other guests only in the casino – but we can see + hear the croupier online via video stream and there is the chat.
  • the roulette game is state licensed + guaranteed fair in the casino and online casino.
  • you can find a free seat faster on the Internet and change tables easier as well as faster.
  • the minimum stakes in online roulette are lower and the table limits are comparable to the casino.
  • you can’t get a bonus in the casino, online at least sometimes.
  • we are fans of both, roulette in the casino and online casino.

Roulette betting

Roulette betting

In roulette there is a whole range of possible bets, all of which have their fixed place on the betting table. There are the so-called simple chances red/black, even/odd as well as low (1 to 18) and high (19 to 36).

On the other hand, there are the multiple chances.

  • Plein/Full Number: You bet on one of the 37 numbers (zero to 36).
  • Cheval/Split: Bet on two (in the kettle) adjacent numbers such as 0 and 2 or 27 and 30. In Carré/Corner, you bet on four adjacent numbers.
  • Dozen: Bet on the first dozen of the winning numbers (1 to 12), the second dozen (13 to 24) or the third dozen (25 to 36).
  • Street: You can also bet on consecutive numbers or a row of three numbers in the betting field, for example 7, 8, 9. Each row of three numbers forms a street.
  • The betting options in roulette do not differ in the casino and online casino.

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